About My Ride

My ride is a carpooling system that helps users get around easily and also make new friends while doing it.

With the continuous increase of private vehicles in the urban and suburban area, the ill effects of vehicle externalities on the environment such as pollution levels, parking problem traffic congestion, and accidents are increasing in every year. An effective way to decrease this problem is carpooling strategy. According to this strategy, people who use same route to reach their work places, or who want share their car journeys. In addition, carpooling is significantly correlated with transport operating costs, including fuel prices

Features Include

1. User Registration:

Users make their registration into the system at first with their personal details(name, address, email, sex etc.) and then the system will create an account for each user. Users are able to update their profiles and other personal details.

2. Offer for vehicle sharing:

When private vehicle owner wants to share his/her vehicle then the vehicle owner may enter information such as Sharing cost/KM, Number of allowable co-passenger (When co-passenger will be increased the sharing cost will be automatically divided), Source/Destination, Journey start time, Probable time of reaching their, Number of allowable persons, Gender amd Other comments

2.1 Registration of own vehicle information:

Any person who offers his/ her own vehicle sharing must enters the following information
Vehicle details- Vehicle Type, Make, model, year of purchase, Driver type, siting capacity
Driver details – Owner or driver name, Licence no, Date of licence (Coming soon)

2.2 Registration of hire vehicle information:(Coming soon)

Any person who hires a vehicle from a travel agency for a particular destination then the user may enter the following information
Travel agency details- Travel agency name, Travel agency address, cost/ KM, Vehicle Type, Number of allowable co-passenger

3 Request for joining shared vehicle:

Any person who wants to join a shared vehicle would enter the following information
Picking point and Destination point, Maximum bearable cost

4 Car pool search

A person who wants to find a vehicle to get sharing may search with any of the following
  • Source
  • Destination
  • Particular date (Coming soon)
  • Vehicle Type

The system will the following :
  • Bearable cost
  • Owner
  • Date
  • No of allowed passengers
After selecting a vehicle, the requester can view the detail of person who offers the service. Then the user makes a request for sharing confirmation. After getting the request message, the service provider can confirm or deny the request for sharing confirmation. The system will also display record of multiple owners if there is no direct communication between source and destination.